What a clean, organised workspace can do…

Now more than ever, hygiene and cleanliness are treated with more respect. Now regardless of whether or not the-shall-not-be-named-you-know-what can be regarded as the cause for this, we’re thankful. Going into the new year and the new school year means a whole new opportunity for organisation and cleanliness. Now whilst it would be nice, to have this philosophy with everything in life, sometimes it’s not possible. But! For students, one clean organised thing we think can be put into place, is a tidy desk or workspace to study in!

Whether it’s in their bedroom, in a mutual space or on the dining table (not our preferred), having a clean and tidy environment to study in is vital for motivation amongst students. No doubt, students will have at least some homework to do in the afternoon, even if they say they don’t…trust me they do. So, in that case, they’re going to be spending a lot of time there. A crowded and over-embellished work environment won’t encourage students to continue with their studies. The fact is, that unfortunately, it might distract them. Perhaps in the bedroom isn’t a feasible position for your student’s workspace, but ensuring there is somewhere, even if a corner of the home to go and study, will assist in getting the job done.

With newfound motivation, comes the improvement in performance. Students can perform better in an environment that is neat and tidy, that is also just for them. It’s a bonus if everything they need is effortlessly found, making the process easier and quicker.

A clean (and consistently cleaned) desk will also reduce the risk of illness or catching a cold during school terms. Providing a spray bottle and wipe every day before the student sits down will allow the student to understand that the space is intended to be kept clean and organised. Not only can a tidy workspace increase students’ physical wellbeing, but their mental wellbeing as well. A messy environment can trigger anxiety or stress for some students, removing focus from study and the task at hand. And maybe, just maybe, wiping down the desk every day might even make them branch out and clean the kitchen bench…you never know!

Having a dedicated space to themselves helps assist students in focusing their minds on their studies. It tells the body that when they are in that space, their objective is to study and learn. That environment being clean, and tidy will further assist the student when it comes to motivation, performance and wellbeing.