What School online means for your student

Not going to a classroom or putting on a uniform each morning could be a daunting thought for students right now. The bliss of knowing what must be done the next day or the mundane ritual of getting up, having breakfast and going to school is no longer associated with students’ ‘normal’. Instead, we look forward to laptops and webcams becoming a virtual classroom. So, what does this mean for our current students?

Whether its year 5 or year 9, it’s predicted that online could be the next step for schools. Different schools might use different programs. Some may use Google Docs and its attachments to communicate information to students. Others might jump on the virtual bandwagon and use a big facetime-like platform to conduct a video class – which I’m sure will see many students going through their maths work in pyjamas. Either way, it’s a practical solution and an excuse for students to snooze the alarm for a bit longer.

With online school, it ensures that whilst students may not be able to go to school like normal, their day will still be as normal as possible. There will still be time for a cheeky snack or a toilet break and won’t disrupt the student’s day too much. Whilst it is an unknown, it might be a fun new way for students to learn and might even teach a few handy skills along the way.

A fear that parents may have is the worry that students may lose focus, or the distractions of home and its surroundings, may override learning. However, most of the programs set to be used by schools, have the features to run the classroom as normal. Teachers can mute all the students so that they are able to speak uninterrupted and ensure all students hear the information. The ability to unmute certain students when they have a question or something to add to the discussion is also a part of the platform. Like in any classroom, I’m sure there will be one or more students struggling to stay on track. However, with the click of a button, teachers can block the video of those students who are distracting or misusing the technology.

But what if your student has a question? What if they need to talk to the teacher privately? Or they need extra time to go through the concept? Unfortunately, there is no real way for a student to engage with their teacher on a one-on-one format to ensure they understand. If your student is struggling with having all their classmates in a virtual classroom or just needs some extra attention, considering our one-on-one online tuition might be the way to go. Having already had some experience with an online platform, your student can get the extra benefit of education and maintain their learning with the help of back and forth conversation and comprehension with one of our tutors…and only one.