What Tuition is Right for Me? Online? In-Home? Centre?

Like anything, everything is different for everybody. So, when it comes to tuition, some methods and deliveries might be right for some but not for others. It’s important to consider what might work for your student and what you know will not, because in amongst that you’ll find your answer. Whether the answer is online, in-home or at one of our centres, taking the first step to tuition is exciting. It’s a new opportunity for students to learn and foster the opportunities that their access to education affords them.

What’s your student’s education style like? Do they thrive with routine and a clearly laid out schedule? In that case, maybe centre tuition could be a fit. Our centre tuition has the access to resources and textbooks that accompany the current curriculums. In this way, centre tuition could be advantageous for those in scholarship positions or students who have a strict curriculum to learn and follow.

Do they like to cover and review the day’s work? Or maybe something that they have not quite gotten the grasp of yet? Then I think in-home might be the best option! It affords students the ability to have a tutor come to their home or a meeting place of their choosing to provide the time to assist with the topic of concern.

And for our more tech-savvy students, online is a perfect choice. Conducting the session online with our program equipped with all the needed resources makes sure the session runs smooth just like it would in the classroom.

If supervision and some free time to get that grocery shop done are on your checklist, our centres can tick that off for you! With our admin teams always present, you can skip out for an hour to get those last-minute errands done. However, perhaps if that extra hour could be better used engaging your student while dinner is being cooked, then why not get one of our tutors to come to you! But if travelling is just out of the question or you and your student find yourself in a remote location, online is the way to go! Each of our services can be flexible to suit you and your student.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing your type of tuition. You’ve already got it right by choosing tuition and trusting us to provide it. But perhaps my way of explaining things still leaves two options head-to-head or you’re just looking for some more information to confirm your choice, why not ask us! Our admin team are always happy to provide their expert opinion and help you knock out a pros and cons list to better inform your decision.