Why Reading Is Important

For some, simply seeing everything come to life on the big screen is enough. But what they don’t know is that they are missing out on all the fun! Whether it is escaping into a world of pixies and gladiators or reliving the moments of someone’s famous life, reading allows individuals to transcend outside the norm. But whilst it’s all fun and games to read the Harry Potter series repeatedly, the real benefits and importance are in the act of reading itself.

For students, hearing stories and following the words across the page acts to broaden the scope of their knowledge. Some words might be confusing, and some might be familiar; either way, by flipping over the pages, students are enhancing their vocabulary. Bigger and more puzzling words, often the ones students have never heard before, increase the scope of words stored in their energetic minds. Just the same, those words they’ve heard before and know all too well are further cemented in there to use and understand both in their studies and in general communication.

Reading and discovering new worlds within the pages of a novel also allows students to tap into their creative side. It may be written on the page what the character does, but a reader has all the tools to create everything else. What colour their hair is, what they are wearing and how they sound when they speak are all things within the reader’s power. Getting to create and imagine their own spinoffs, that is often different to the student sitting next to them, fosters and increases one’s imagination.

We all know learning doesn’t stop when students leave the classroom. This is the same for reading; in the supermarket scanning the packaging, looking at the signs above for directions or simply sending a text are all everyday simplistic acts founded on being able to read. Setting up the foundations of literacy and comprehension through reading are important for this very reason. Those who favour and rely on technology might argue in defence; but to function today, the ability to read is a must.

No matter the context of the book, each chapter you’ll find something new. Always discovering and learning fresh ideas can often challenge students. By stepping into new perspectives and cultures, reading encourages students to absorb the information and learn from the different experiences or situations the perspective they are reading within. This delving into unchartered territories, stimulates the mind. By absorbing all the information spilled throughout the pages, the mind and brain are put to work, exercising and mirroring what occurs in the classroom; absorbing and understanding new content.

Yes, the benefits of everyday life are found within reading, but for a student and their learning there’s a page more to find. Whether it’s a novel or the article they must read for a subject, students can reap the benefits of a bigger imagination, a better understanding and a broader vocabulary.