Why we think one-on-one is for your child!

If your student is struggling at school, there are options to help make that struggle a little easier. One of those options is tutoring, but specifically one-on-one tutoring.

Scratching your head because you’re not sure what one-on-one entails exactly? Well, one-on-one tutoring is pretty much in the name one, being a tutor is with the other one, a student. Tuition is conducted and tailored by the tutor to only that student, allowing for personalisation and attention applied to the student and their learning.

This notion of focused attention and support is no wonder why one-on-one is highly regarded as being the most successful option to help struggling students.

Our one-on-one tuition can be tailored to any student, but perhaps it might be best for those that fit the following criteria.

  • Students who struggle to concentrate: concentrating in class helps students both keep up and maintain on task to progress their learning. But those who struggle to focus and concentrate in class and on the topic is the main reason students can fall behind. Away from the classroom and in a tailored learning environment removes the distractions and peers that would normally interfere with student’s concentration. Their tutor is able to focus on their work and only their work.
  • Students who learn at their own pace: We all know that each student learns differently, which also means they all learn at different paces. In a classroom, the teacher has to juggle a number of students, making it hard for slower learners to keep up or get enough attention to comprehend the topic. Having a tutor work with your student one-on-one will allow the tutor to adapt their teaching towards the student’s learning style. Whether it be that it needs to be explained in a different way or if the student just needs to complete more worksheets or exercises to get it down, the tutor can work through it with them.
  • Student needs extra help: Being surrounded by other learners can hinder certain student’s attention and ability to learn in a loud and crowded environment. Some students are more expressive and can feel limited to show this in the classroom. Being in a one-on-one situation with their tutor will allow the student to express themselves and their ideas freely without disrupting others and learn in an environment that fosters their opinions and expressiveness.
  • Students who experience anxiety while learning: If your student fears speaking up in class or contributing to a large group, it can often create some anxiety around learning. Being scared to get an answer wrong can create those nervous anxious feelings. Making mistakes and the anxiety that comes with that can be worked through with a one-on-one tutor. The tutor will remind the student that making mistakes is a part of learning. Anxious students can feel more confident in expressing their opinion or answers.
  • Students who can’t find the motivation to learn: Not keeping up with school or falling behind in class can be because there’s little motivation. Students might lose motivation when they are bored with the content or they aren’t challenged enough with what’s being taught. Working with a tutor one-on-one means the tutor can get to know the student as an individual and determine what motivates them. Shaping lessons around what interests them will spark some motivation to learn.

If your student ticks even one or perhaps all of the criteria or behaviour listed above, why not contact us now to arrange a tutor to help your student one-on-one!