Why Worry?

This blog comes as a warning. I have decided to launch into the topic of ‘time wasting,’ a subject that I might add, I am quite proficient at. Now, stop nodding your head and thinking that you know all about procrastination and that I can’t tell you anything that hasn’t been said before. I am not discussing procrastination here as I don’t really consider that a waste of time. I am, as it happens, also rather expert at procrastination and can tell you that I have accomplished no end of wonderful things while not tackling a certain project or topic. No, the major cause of time wasting is far more destructive than that. It goes by the names of worry, concern, anxiety, unjustified fear and probably several other negative titles and can be devastatingly crippling both physically and emotionally.

This insidious malady creeps upon us when we least need or expect it. Personally, mine makes an appearance when I am trying to rest. Have you ever been so tired that physically you can no longer even sit up? That is how I feel sometimes so it’s off to bed with me and I have a really fantastic sleep – for an hour or so and that’s when the worry sets in. I begin to ponder the day that has passed, I run through the things that I did, the things that I didn’t do and of course the things that I did that I shouldn’t have done. Once all this has been catalogued it’s time to relive the day the way it should have flowed, the perfect outworking of a wonderful experience with yours truly featuring as the one with it all together. Now that the past is settled it’s time to organise the morrow. The outworking of the morrow is a dream machine with the addition of little moments to appease any hurt feelings or misunderstandings of the previous day. While in this organisational frenzy I can have some remarkably innovative ideas, I can retrieve from the recesses of my mind some dazzling vocabulary and I can rebut critics with amazingly logical arguments. Unfortunately, this is all to no avail because when morning comes I am so, so very tired that I can’t oversee the outworking of any of it and in my hazy state I am unable to recall much of it anyway. Thus the cycle of time wasting continues.

The entertainment of worry and anxiety does not add one cubit to your stature, it does not provide answers nor does it open doors. It is a destructive force that refuses to allow you the freedom to be yourself, to show your true colours and to interact constructively within society. In any situation a positive step is to be prepared, not in your mind’s eye the night before but rather by consistently adding to your knowledge base and experience so that when the tense times come, you have the automatic, inbuilt confidence and ability to respond appropriately. Forget your yesterdays and begin to prepare for your tomorrows.