Why you shouldn’t hire the tutor next door…

Having a tutor next door sounds convenient, right? Your student can pop on over and walk right on back. Sure, you might have known them since they were young and learning to ride their bike in the street, but does that really mean they have your student’s best interest at heart?

Getting your student a tutor on the street or the next best thing…gum tree may not be beneficial for your student. Perhaps it’s convenient and maybe even a little more cost-efficient, but let’s consider some important factors that could mean the difference between an A and an A-plus, or the difference between a quiet and confident student.

When hiring a tutor, always take into account ideas of consistency or reliability. If you’re tutor lives next door, they might think that cancelling a session an hour before it starts to duck off to a movie sounds like a better option, but let’s face it…it’s not very professional. Or perhaps they’re a little flaky on the time they come over or conduct tuition. Having consistent tuition is important for a student’s routine and motivation.

Just like having someone with consistency, having a tutor that has a new approach or a tailored approach will assist in the student’s progress. A qualified and experienced tutor can target certain learning goals and strive to achieve the best for the student.

Having someone from the outside also makes scheduling and constructing resources for tuition easier. With no insider information or previous knowledge of the student’s education, the tutor has an advantage. The tutor is able to determine possible learning difficulties or education deficits that may be present.

A level of professionalism and qualifications are other important qualities that come with a tutor from an agency or professional environment. With training and access to academic resources, tutors from agencies are able to conduct tuition with feedback and repour from some fellow or previous peers and students. As a bonus, these tutors will have had processes of screening and interviews to ensure they are qualified and have sufficient experience to conduct tuition in a helpful matter.

So, whilst the ease and convenience of shouting over the fence for tuition might be prominent, consider the disadvantages and the potential difficulties that could arise. Someone who has been screened and harbours the correct qualifications can assist all while adopting a one-on-one approach.