Year 10 to Year 11: Ready, Set, Go.

It’s go time. This is what your students have been training for. The countless hours of study, the excessive stationery hauls and the occasional stress-manic meltdown have led to now – Year 11. It’s the year that lays the groundwork for the big year that’s yet to come. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, that’s next year and we don’t want to freak them out … too much.

Straight off the bat, let’s remind students to adjust their mindset. While they might think that staying in the back annoying the class with old mate Sam is going to cut it, break it to them now; it won’t. No longer are they Year 9 students doing fun experiments to pass the time. Whilst they still might get the chance for fun science experiments, the next two years are about all things studious.

Staying positive will help out everyone. Whether it’s a stressful week or not, promote positivity. When it does come to a stressful week, and unfortunately for senior students that’s inevitable, keep up the positive and affirming ideas. Ring in the support when needed to get them across the deadline and pull back when students need to understand their independence and expectation as a senior student. Whilst their peers are a great support network, this year not every one of their peers will be doing the same subjects. So, being a constant source of support at home and promoting positivity will make for a balanced study routine.

Make a game plan and follow through with it. Having a plan in mind, complete with the steps and strategies outlined that will ensure its success, makes for a solid boost in motivation. Perhaps your student wants to construct it on their own by putting in appropriate goals and their smaller objectives that are needed to be accomplished to achieve the bigger one. Alternatively, offer your services. Sit down together to both suggest and listen to their academic desires to map it out. Throw in some non-academic aspirations too. Having something that’s not assignment or exam focused but still something to strive towards, will give an outlet for when students need an escape from the books.

Accept this new way of learning. Students are never going to progress if they’re still stuck in last year’s mindset. Accept the new curriculum, the new standard of learning and study and possibly the new upgrade to a fancy senior uniform. Embracing this standard of study can also foster a better attitude that may instigate a more applied student. It’s no use thinking that high school continues on the same as it was before. There’s a reason that at some point it finishes. Students now find themselves in their senior years of schooling, their attitude and efforts should reflect this.

It’s a privilege for students to even have the opportunity to study, so make sure they use it and make sure they enjoy it! It may be harder, it may require more effort than before and it may even be a little bit more stressful but there are only two more years to tally off…and they’ll be over before you or your student knows it!