Year 7 to Year 8: One Down, Five to Go

Put a tally on the board because one year of high school is done and dusted. I’m sure there was the required number of tears and tantrums. Nevertheless, the joy that is navigating the first year of high school for you as parents and your student is over (cue small dance party). Now comes the fun part, because they’re not done yet. With 5 years left of their high school education ready to be checked off, there’s still more to learn, more to embrace and more to stress over… kidding… but not really.

Last year was all about learning the ins and outs of high school. Getting the routine down pat and figuring out that building B is over there and not actually back there. But this time, as returnees and newly crowned veterans of high school, Year 8 students are free to tackle the next step. Embracing new opportunities is the first slice of wisdom we’d like to offer. If students come home from school talking about a new musical or sports team or debating opportunity, say yes! Throwing themselves into the school community by joining a club or trying out for the sports teams will show that school is not always just about the books.

So, by now, I’m sure students have figured out that with school comes homework and assignments…at least you’d hope they’ve sussed that out! Now is the time for students to apply themselves to their studies. They now know what is expected and how to execute certain tasks and study requirements of high school. Removing the 7 and replacing it with an 8 is not just an excuse to complete the year that’s already been. Students need to continue the routine they’ve learnt and now try to get themselves into the rhythm of homework, then assignments and applying themselves to their learning.

Last year the goal may have been just to get through the year. But with a new school year comes a new goal! Help students to get focused on a new sight to set their eyes on. With something to strive towards, students can start the year with extra oomph in their stride. Type it out, put it on the fridge, above their bed or better yet, behind the toilet door next to the times tables charts… don’t lie, we’ve all seen it. As the year goes on, students can be reminded of what they’re hoping to have achieved by the time the Year 8 badge comes off.

Having good time management is and has always been vital for students, but amid everything that happened and was learnt in year 7, other things can take the focus. This new year is a great opportunity to get a hold of students and their idea of time management. Get a diary or utilise the one provided by the school. Ensure they are organising their schedules to factor in schoolwork, after-school commitments and their social lives.

With one year down, it will only fuel the fire within students to work hard and continue to tally off the years.