Your First Tuition Session

Anything new comes with daunting thoughts. It is okay for students to feel a little anxious before their first session with a tutor. They do not know what to expect and meeting someone new can sometimes be uncomfortable for students. But our tutors are there to help, not to make anyone anxious!

The first session is for students and tutors to get to know each other. Tutors may employ some fun ice-breakers to get students comfortable in their new learning environment. Tutors will ask questions about the student. They may be about how their day was or their favourite colour! Our tutors are committed to making sure students feel like they have both a teacher and a friend in their tutor.

The tutor may also ask students what their favourite subject is and how they feel towards school. Tutors can gauge a sense of their approach and attitude towards learning. By doing this, tutors structure the session with the student in a way the tutor feels will be fun and engaging for the student.

A small test or assessment task might even be included in the session. Tutors can get an idea of the student’s knowledge and skills in doing these exercises. Students need not worry about this. All the small assessments do is make sure the tutor brings the correct resources and content to improve any of the struggles or hesitations observed during the task.

At the end of the session, tutors will have a chat with you as the guardian of the child. Open communication between the two of you will ensure the student gets the most out of tutoring and their studies.

If you or your student feel you have some concerns about moving forward or something you’d like to flag for the next session, use the time before and after each session to check in with the tutor. In monitoring your student’s progress and studies, the tutor can build upon the struggles and develop an understanding of the difficult concepts.

Having a tutor is not something students need to be anxious or embarrassed about. Our tutors are eager to assist and further the potential of all students. Taking the step and investing in another person who is committed to your child’s academic studies is only the beginning of an exciting journey between tutor and student and student and learning.