Humanities tuition is targeted towards high school students. Subjects may include modern and ancient history, geography, study of religion and study of society.

Modern & Ancient History

History is more than just knowing dates or facts, and our tutors can show you why. History allows you to understand why our modern world is the way it is. By analysing and evaluating, it is possible to learn from events in history and provide a context for current attitudes, beliefs and behaviours. Our tutors can help you develop this understanding through processes of critical inquiry, debate and reflection, and by empathising with the views of others.


Geography is a fantastic basis for so many pathways, including defence forces, urban design, journalism, mining, meteorology, agriculture, anthropology, architecture and tourism, just to name a few. By utilising both an ecological (human interactions with environment) and spatial (where things are) approach, our tutors can assist you to understand the interdependent spheres in which we live and establish with you a solid foundation to make informed judgments to improve your community, state, country or the world!

Study of Religion

Study of Religion helps you to explore world religions and their importance in shaping today’s society. Extensive research is required and excellent assignment writing skills are a must, so we can help! Our tutors can also assist you to truly understand how the societal context we live in is challenged by global interactions in order to achieve the most from this diverse and interesting subject.

Study of Society

This subject is a great foundation for further study in the areas of sociology, anthropology, psychology, law and criminology. Our tutors can help you to explore the connections between motivation and behaviour and the corresponding theories, while developing excellent research skills.

Why use a tutor for humanities?

These subjects encourage students to move beyond the simple acquisition of facts to the development of ideas and concepts, so it is extremely useful to discuss new ideas and concepts in depth.

Humanities poses two main challenges, these being, understanding the content and forming your new knowledge into a logical argument. Whether it is one or both you would like to improve, we have tutors who can help you.