Tuition in our Learning Centre is a great choice!

In order for tuition, and learning in general, to be effective it is essential to have an well-structured and controlled environment. Often students end up studying at a small desk in their bedroom surrounded by multiple distractions and the temptation of more interesting activities. By tutoring In-Centre you eliminate this, and the time spent at our centre is extremely productive!

Our excellent advantages are:

  • The best tutors and timeslots are available and not limited by your location

  • No guardian is required, just drop off and pick up, or stay and have a coffee

  • Rooms are custom-designed for best study conditions and there are no distractions

  • Textbooks, worksheets and activities are available for all year levels

  • English and Mathematics assessments are offered for students in prep to year 10

  • Additional programs are run regularly to supplement study, e.g. math problem solving classes

Our Learning centres are located at:

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