We offer maths tuition to all year levels from Primary to Secondary as well as university students and those preparing for aptitude tests.


Our primary math tutors develop your child’s concept of, and interest in, working with numbers, measurement, shapes, time and money.


As your student progresses into high school, our tutors have expertise in the practical financial and statistical math, as well as more complex algebra and differential/integral calculus.

University & TAFE

Whether it is a math bridging course, a compulsory statistics subject or math for science and engineering, our tutors can assist!

Aptitude Testing, Entrance Exams & NAPLAN

Even for high achieving math students this type testing can be a challenge! Do you remember how to manipulate fractions, percentages and ratios by hand? Can you divide and multiply decimals with a calculator? Our tutors can help you prepare in order to achieve your best!

Why Grace Simpkins Personal Tutors?

A math tutor can be vital in developing a solid foundation of mathematical understanding or to extend students that are already performing well. It is important to challenge and allow the student to confidently apply techniques to solve practical problems.

Tuition is provided within a positive, supportive environment to allow the best opportunity to identify areas of development. We build a solid rapport with each student and determine their best learning method to ensure we are maximising the learning experience.