Science tuition is offered at all levels from primary to university and includes physics, biology and chemistry subjects.

General Science

Students are introduced to science at an early age through fun activities, learning about living things, the environment and space. There is no reason that this interest can’t be maintained throughout the higher years.


Biology is a broad subject that contains many topics. It looks at the growth, structure, function, origin and evolution of living organisms and life. Our tutors can explore with you and help you to understand our genetic makeup, the life cycles we exist in and the plants and animals surrounding us.


Chemistry takes us even deeper to explore what makes up all matter. Our tutors can help you to understand the complexities of atoms and the interactions of molecules, leading to knowledge about industry and pharmaceuticals.


Physics takes a broader view and explores the processes that shape our universe. As it is a more mathematical subject, our tutors can work through formulas with you while explaining concepts of energy, time and space.

GAMSAT & Medical Admission Tests

Are you wanting to sit GAMSAT but aren’t sure where to start? Maybe you have all the books but aren’t quite sure what to do with them. Don’t worry, our tutors have significant experiencing in preparing students for the GAMSAT and other medical admission tests regardless of whether you have previous science experience or not!

Science Develops Problem Solving Skills

Science is vital to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills in order to equip you to logically approach tasks and have an opinion on the scientific discoveries and controversies in the world around us.

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