Secondary school can be extremely daunting – the work is getting harder, and the pressure to perform is increasing. Our tutors have expertise across a full range of secondary subjects. Whether your child is starting their secondary school journey or looking to get the best possible result when graduating, Grace Simpkins Personal Tutors can help them reach their full potential.

Math Tuition

As your student progresses into high school, our tutors have expertise in the practical financial and statistical math, as well as more complex algebra and differential/integral calculus.

Science Tuition

In secondary school, science education further develops critical thinking and problem solving. Our tutors have expertise across all areas of science, including Biology, Chemistry and Physics, as well as GAMSAT and other medical admissions tests.

English Tuition

When entering high school, our tutors focus on interpretation of texts and assignment structuring in all forms of media (scientific, creative, news).

Humanities Tuition

Our tutors can offer support across a variety of humanities subjects, including modern and ancient history, geography, study of religion and study of society. Going beyond memorisation of facts to the development of ideas and concepts, humanities tuition allows students to discuss new ideas and concepts in depth.

Language Tuition

There are many benefits to learning a second or third language. We offer tuition for French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and many more; just contact us for more information.

Business Tuition

Tutors with real world experience can offer business tuition across statistics, economics, legal studies, data analysis, law and ethics, management and marketing. Studying business prepares students for the real world.

Specialist Testing

Preparing for a general aptitude test is difficult when you don’t know where to start. Our tutors can perform an assessment of your skills in order to determine which areas need improvement. We offer specialist testing tuition for GAMSAT, NAPLAN, UMAT and selective schools entry, as well as entry into the police force, defence force and fire brigade.