Lynwood, Western Australia
I am willing to teach other subjects in addition to the ones I chose such as secondary mathematics and chemistry. I can also teach 1st year biochemistry, physiology, anatomy, and biology. I also have gotten a very high score on my section 3 GAMSAT which I can tutor if people are interested. I am a motivated, high achieving student in a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. I have had excellent study habits throughout my high school and university education and would like to share my skills and motivation with as many students as possible. I love teaching and think of it as an art because it blends so many different skills together such as the ability to empathize with students, the ability to explain abstract concepts very simply, the ability to project a positive attractive energy to the student, and to transfer passion to the students. I believe I am able to bring this to students through my experience of tutoring and my experience in helping classmates and friends at school. My style of teaching often depends on the student. My approach is to always to first identify why they are having trouble understanding a concept. Then to look for the correct approach that is adapted to the student's personality, maturity, and level of understanding. I also always like to build up from basics starting from a concept that I know the student understands. I love the subjects I am offering to teach and would love to be engaged in these subjects as part of a part time career alongside my studies!


Primary subjects


Secondary subjects

Biology, Chemistry, Maths (Junior), Maths Applications, Maths Foundation, Maths Methods

Academic history

ATAR Rank - 92.90

University of Melbourne

Bachelor of Science - Rank 66.038 - Completed 2015

RMIT University

Bachelor of Applied science - Rank 3.6 - Completed 2016