Melbourne, Victoria
I have a lot of tutoring experience. I have tutored privately and worked for education franchises in Canada. What makes me a good tutor is my ability to connect with the student, relate to them, be patient and friendly with them. I also care a lot and truly want to see the student succeed, improve, and understand the content being learned. My ability at quickly adapting to a student\'s learning style is very important as I try to explain subject matter thoroughly to students by using drawings, steps-wise approaches, analogies, and mnemonics. I really enjoy tutoring because its a rewarding experience for both me & the student when improvement is made. When tutoring a student, I try to start with the key points of the topics at hand and use various examples to explain the content. I constantly check with the student to ensure they understand as I\'m providing an explanation, sometimes I ask them questions to, which ensures they\'re following along. I am a hard worker, dedicated, studious, kind, and I have a passion for helping others. My favourite part of tutoring is the \"aha\" moment the student has the second they understand a concept I have explained, where everything has finally clicked into place for them.


Primary subjects

Literacy, English, Numeracy, Maths, Science

Secondary subjects

Biology, Chemistry, English (Junior), English (Senior), English Language, English Foundation, Further Mathematics, General Maths, Maths (Junior), Maths Foundation, Maths Methods, Maths Specialist, Religion and Society, Science (Junior)

Tertiary subjects

Academic history

University of Melbourne

Doctor of Dental Surgery Program - Rank 74%

University of Windsor

Bachelor of Science in [Honours] Chemistry with a Minor in Mathematics & Spanish - Rank 80% - Completed 2016

Awards & scholarships

University of Melbourne

Work experience

University of Melbourne

Tutor for Chemistry 2 & Physics for Biomedicine - From 2018 to 2018

Oxford Learning

Teacher - From 2017 to 2017

Private Tutoring

Science & Mathematics Tutor - From 2016 to 2018

Tutor Doctor

Tutor - From 2017 to 2017