Southport, Queensland
I am a student studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science, a Bachelor of Business and a Diploma of Languages in Japanese at Griffith University. I already have obtained a Business Diploma and achieved high results in high school. I love learning and I love helping others. Tutoring is something I have done for majority of my life and I love doing it! I believe that the feeling someone gets when they overcome their challenges is one of the greatest gifts I can give and I want to help anyone and everyone feel confident no matter what they are struggling with. I am a patient and kind tutor, never judgemental or pushy. I would never ask someone to do something I know they cannot do, nor would I ever belittle someone for their challenges, we all have challenges and taking the steps towards overcoming them is what truly matters. I get a great sense of pride when I see my students overcome their challenges, breakthrough their slumps and overcome expectations. It does not matter how long it may take, what matters is that we don't give up! I have tutored all ages and believe that respect, love, patience and kindness are the best methods of learning.


Primary subjects

Literacy, English, Numeracy, Maths, SOSE, Science, Early childhood

Secondary subjects

Biology, Business, Business Communication and Technologies, Chemistry, Drama, Earth Science, Economics, English (Junior), English (Senior), English Communications, English Extension, Film, Television and New Media, Geography, Health & Physical Education, History (Ancient), History (Modern), IT, Information and Communication Technology, Maths (Junior), General Maths, Maths Method, Specialist Maths, Music (Junior), Music (Senior), Physics, Essential Maths, Science (Junior), Visual Art

Tertiary subjects

Chemistry, Psychology, Business, Maths, English, Assignment Writing

Academic history

OP Rank - 5

Griffith University

Bachelor of Psychological Science/Bachelor of Business - Rank 6.5

Coomera Training College

Diploma of Business - Rank 7 - Completed 2016

Awards & scholarships

Student Most Outstanding in Co-Curricular Activities - 2017

Most Outstanding Student - 2017

Australian Defense Force Leadership Award - 2017

Drama Excellence - 2017

Captaincy - 2016

Student Most Outstanding in Co-Curricular Activites - 2016

Victory and Valor Award - 2015

Student Most Outstanding in Co-Curricular Activities - 2014

Student Most Outstanding in Academics - 2014

Student Most Outstanding in Academics - 2013

Golden Key Honours Society - 2019

Griffith School of Business; Academic Excellence Society - 2018

Griffith School of Psychology; Academic Elite - 2018