Morningside, Queensland

Available: Cannon Hill Learning Centre - Online

I am a Master's student who has found great success in both STEM classes, english, SOSE, and general essay/report writing due to the way I break down large projects into easily manageable chunks. I find the best way to succeed in any subject is to study the criteria and find good methods to plan assessments. I have had great success in tutoring mathematics using a "break it down" style, and using different methods to understand a particular subject until I figure out what the student understands most. I also use warmup mathematics games and problems to get students more comfortable with being on the spot. In english, SOSE, and general essay writing, I attempt to teach students to read criteria and correctly draft up assignments, which is the best way to understand structure, conciseness, and knowing what the teachers want to see. I also try to get students to see the bigger picture relating to why they are learning about media analysis, history, and literature, and how these topics are critical to understanding the world at large. A lot of students find that their main weaknesses are in organisation or becoming overwhelmed by complex assessment, and my teaching method is based mainly around "learning how to learn", meaning students can carry skills I teach both into all of their classes, but into the future.


Primary subjects

Literacy, English, Numeracy, Maths

Secondary subjects

Chemistry, English (Junior), English (Senior), English Communications, English Extension, Film, Television and New Media, History (Modern), Maths (Junior), General Maths, Essential Maths, Science (Junior), SOSE

Academic history

OP Rank - 2

Queensland University of Technology

Master of Philosophy (Analytical Chemistry)

Queensland University of Technology

Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) - Rank 6.33 - Completed 2017

Awards & scholarships

Vice Chancellor's Scholarship - 2014

Junior Dux - 2012

Work experience

The Wesley Hospital Pharmacy

Quality Scientist - From 2018