Camp Hill, Queensland

Available: Cannon Hill Learning Centre

Hi! I am a passionate and driven student studying a dual Bachelor of Forensic Science (Major in Molecular Biology) / Criminology and Criminal Justice as well as actively competing in Ice Skating via the Griffith University Elite Sports College. At the peak of preparation for my first two national championships, I was in grades 11 and 12 and in the middle of exams. Through this, I developed many methods of learning and revision that can be worked around a busy schedule and still make learning fun and engaging to maintain motivation. I'd love to give every student the chances I had to excel and to pass on all the knowledge I have gained so that they can take away new methods, perspective and life lessons to apply in all aspects of their life. I specialise in English and Legal studies of all levels, as well as junior and secondary mathematics and science. I'm fantastic with exam preparation and assignment planning and hope to meet you soon!


Primary subjects

English, Numeracy, Maths, Science

Secondary subjects

Biology, English (Junior), English (Senior), Legal Studies, Maths (Junior), General Maths, Music (Junior), Science (Junior)

Tertiary subjects

Criminology, 1013CCJ, 1008CCJ, 1008PSY, 1003CCJ, 1014CCJ, 2007CCJ, 1001PSY, 1012CCJ

Academic history

Griffith University

Bachelor of Forensic Science (Major in Molecular Biology / Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice) - Rank 6.20

Awards & scholarships

Loyal Service to the School and Community Citizenship Award - 2017

Academic Excellence Award (2008/2011/2013) - 2013

Griffith Elite Sports College Member - 2018