Ashgrove, Queensland
I am currently studying Advanced Humanities at the University of Queensland, majoring in History and Religion - fields that I am very passionate about. Throughout my education, I've developed a genuine love for Humanities-based and English subjects, and would truly love to share this love with students, so that they can see the value in Arts and Humanities. I am currently also taking a level 1 Chinese course, so at this stage, my knowledge is limited - however, I would enjoy developing my Chinese skills with students if the opportunity arises.


Primary subjects

Literacy, English, SOSE

Secondary subjects

English (Junior), English (Senior), English Communications, English Extension, History (Ancient), History (Modern), Religion and Ethics, Study of Religion



Academic history

OP Rank - 3

University of Queensland

Bachelor of Advanced Humanities (History, Religion & English) - Rank 6.3

Awards & scholarships

Westpac Asian Exchange Scholarship - 2018

1st Place Ancient History at Mt St Michael's College - 2016