Chapel Hill, Queensland

Available: Paddington Learning Centre - Online

I am a very enthusiastic student, I love to work with students of any age. Being able to pass on my knowledge is very rewarding to me. It's a way where I can be a part of a students' life by helping them understand any concept, no matter the complexity. I graduated from Queensland Academy of Science Mathematics and Technology in 2019. I am currently taking a gap year from the Bachelor of Vision Science/ Master of Optometry course at the Queensland University of Technology. It is my aim to provide helpful and intelligible tutoring to students. As a recent graduate of the IB curriculum, I have experienced a lot of stress and struggle; however, through this I have learnt to be an organised and reliable student. As a tutor, I am dedicated to helping students for all the subjects I have chosen as I am passionate about them and have maintained a high score on all of them throughout high school.


Primary subjects

Maths, Science

Secondary subjects

Biology, Chemistry, Maths Method

Academic history

Queensland University of Technology

Bachelor of Vision Science/ Master of Optometry

Awards & scholarships

ATAR 99.35 - 2019

Grade 7 AMEB Piano - 2019

Magna Cum Laude Silver Award - QASMT - 2019

Principal’s Commendation Award - 2018