Grange, Queensland

Available: Cannon Hill Learning Centre - Paddington Learning Centre - Online

I am an outgoing and diligent student studying a Bachelor of Law/Science at the University of Queensland. I have 3 years of experience tutoring primary to young high school students while studying at Clayfield College. As a young adult, I am able to relate myself to the challenges that current students face, and the aspirations they wish to achieve. I hope to instil passion and motivation into students by helping them become more confident in their personal abilities to succeed in their academic goals.


Primary subjects

English, Maths, SOSE, Science

Secondary subjects

Chemistry, English (Junior), English (Senior), Geography, Maths (Junior), Maths Method, Physics, Science (Junior)



Academic history

OP Rank - ATAR - 96.2

University of Queensland

Bachelor of Law/Science

Awards & scholarships

Academic Excellence - 2020

Dux of Chinese - 2020

UQ Science Ambassador - 2019

Academic Excellence - 2018

Academic Excellence - 2017

Academic Excellence - 2016

Academic Excellence - 2015