Wakerley, Queensland

Available: Cannon Hill Learning Centre

I am studying medicine at the University of Queensland, and continuing my currently 2 year long tutoring career. I am enthusiastic, flexible, reliant and always have my students' best interests at heart. I am also very excited to teach and build meaningful relationships with my students and their parents. I definitely enjoy the teaching aspect, but I most enjoy witnessing the progression of my students’ knowledge and learning. Over the past 2 years, I have met with students who were struggling with their studies and have come to me with zero confidence in themselves and their abilities. It was a privilege to have seen their growth in studies and more importantly, their self confidence. However, I believe that my qualities as a tutor were mostly demonstrated during volunteering as an additional support for disadvantaged/academically challenged students and at volunteering positions at various hospitals. While tutoring challenged students, I have had to build my patience and attempt problems with distinctive, out of the box type approaches that individually cater to each student's needs. I have also learnt to strengthen my relationships with students and build trust, in order to carry out discussions in an open space that allows them to reveal their struggles whether personally or academically. Although volunteering at a hospital and tutoring are quite different by first glance, I have learnt that at times some aspects of each can be very similar too. Almost all patients do not enjoy hospital visits and it is our responsibility as volunteers to ease this tension and make their visits a little easier. In somewhat the same way, some students do not necessarily enjoy tutoring. This may at times heavily factor into their learning. I have understood that it is essential my students are enjoying themselves and are excited to learn, to achieve their maximum potential during sessions. This also includes my enthusiasm while teaching.


Primary subjects

Numeracy, Maths

Secondary subjects

Biology, Chemistry, General Maths, Maths Method, Specialist Maths

Tertiary subjects

BIOL1020, BIOL1040

Academic history

OP Rank - 1

University of Queensland

MD Provisional Entry for School - Leavers / Bachelor of Science - Rank 6.5

Work experience

Aims High Academy (Victoria)

Tutor - From 2018 to 2020