St Lucia, Queensland

Available: Cannon Hill Learning Centre - Paddington Learning Centre - Online

I am a motivated and committed student studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences at UQ. I believe every student has the potential to reach their goals and I want to help them by being a strong optimistic force that pushes them to success.


Primary subjects

English, Maths, Science

Secondary subjects

Biology, Chemistry, English (Junior), English (Senior), Geography, Legal Studies, Maths (Junior), General Maths, Maths Method, Science (Junior)

Academic history

OP Rank - 1

University of Queensland

Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Awards & scholarships

NLSC Gold Academic Award - 2018

NLSC Ancient History Subject Award - 2018

NLSC Silver Academic Award - 2017

NLSC Silver Academic Award - 2019

NLSC Student of Good Standing Award - 2019

ELC International School Literature Award - 2015

NLSC Legal Studies Subject Award - 2019