Mount Gravatt East, Queensland

Available: Cannon Hill Learning Centre - Paddington Learning Centre - Online

Hi, I'm Eleanor! I am currently completing my final year of my Bachelor of Science and Education (Secondary), my teaching areas are Biology and Mathematics. I work to build a rapport with my students, helping to cultivate a safe environment where learning is valued and students can be challenged without the fear of failure or judgement. I value kindness, self-reflection, resilience and communication, ensuring that my teaching has a positive impact on the learning of everyone I tutor!


Primary subjects

English, Numeracy, Maths, SOSE, Science

Secondary subjects

Biology, English (Junior), Maths (Junior), General Maths, Maths Method, Essential Maths, Science (Junior), SOSE

Academic history

OP Rank - 2

University of Queensland

Bachelor of Science and Education (Secondary) - Rank 5.994

Awards & scholarships

Dean's Commendation of Academic Excellence, The University of Queensland - 2021