Looking out for motivation

It can’t always be shiny and rainbows. The same thing can be said for motivation. Sometimes it’s just always not going to be there, and that is very much okay. The days where the motivation is lacking, the sleep in is calling and the effort to move is low, come around every once in a while. But when they do, you’ve got to look elsewhere for motivation. I guess more specifically, you’ve got to look outwards.
Now the reason we make that specification is that the everyday motivation comes from the internal stuff. That stuff comes from deep within, the passion for waking up and doing whatever it is you may do. So, on those days when the internal motivation is low, what’s on the outside?
I’m so glad you asked. When we say external motivation, we mean the things on the outside and that surround you. Whether that be people or things. But, let’s keep in mind, these pillars of motivation can only last you so long.
Something that’s always a good one to kick you into gears is deadlines. When you know you’ve got to get something done and there’s a set time you need it done in, it can get the flow going. The notion of a deadline also introduces the idea that there are consequences. So, there’s that as an added bonus. If you don’t get it done, what is going to come of that?
Friends or family can also act as a push. In a nice way, they put positive pressure on you. Being around them and seeing the energy they give off can compel you to pick up your own game. Now we’re not saying it’s a race or competitive game, but being around those close to you that are doing their own things can help refresh your drive.
Movies, YouTube, TV Shows and other visual mediums, despite offering a little bit of procrastination can also smack out the lazy. As people who are naturally drawn to visuals and the representations, they offer, watching a character or person who they themselves are what you call a ‘go-getter’ might make you want to be one. Whether they be in a job you aspire to or their personality is just infectious, seeing someone motivated and working hard is an easy quick fix to get up off the couch or bed, if you’re still hitting the snooze.
Whilst they can be cheesy, quotes can work. Be it the right quote at the right time can give out the right reaction. Make sure you know what you need and know what mood you are in to be able to pick a choose a quote that is going to resonate and not deter away. Perhaps collate a group of quotes for this time when motivation is lacking because whilst they can’t provide a visual, there is power in words.
Remember, these ideas work for short-term productivity and small bursts of motivation when you’re having a low day. Internal motivation is the one you’re looking for to get you through all of your days.