At Personal Tutors we assist with a broad range of subjects for all year levels. These range from Maths, Science, English to more diverse University or Specialty testing subjects. With over 10 years of experience, we pride ourselves on being ‘know it alls’.

Tutoring is a great way to gain confidence and ability or maintain high achievements across any subject area. To ensure best results, our tuition is tailored to suit both the year level and the subject. This means your tutors may incorporate textbook questions, note-taking, worksheets, internet searches, educational games, whiteboard work or presentation practice.

Whether it be Science tutoring, Math tutors or English tuition that you are after, contact us on 1300360245 to discuss.


We offer maths tutoring to all year levels from Primary to Secondary as well as university students and those preparing for aptitude tests.


Our primary math tutors develop your child’s concept of, and interest in, working with numbers, measurement, shapes, time and money.


As your student progresses into high school, a math tutor will offer expertise in the practical financial and statistical math, as well as more complex algebra and differential/integral calculus.

University & TAFE

Whether it is a math bridging course, a compulsory statistics subject or math for science and engineering, our math tutors can assist!

Aptitude Testing, Entrance Exams & NAPLAN

Even for high achieving math students this type testing can be a challenge! Do you remember how to manipulate fractions, percentages and ratios by hand? Can you divide and multiply decimals with a calculator? Our math tutors can help you prepare in order to achieve your best!

Why Grace Simpkins Personal Tutors?

A math tutor can be vital in developing a solid foundation of mathematical understanding or to extend students that are already performing well. It is important to challenge and allow the student to confidently apply techniques to solve practical problems.

Tutoring is provided within a positive, supportive environment to allow the best opportunity to identify areas of development. Our tutors build a solid rapport with each student and determine their best learning method to ensure we are maximising the learning experience.


We understand that the ability to communicate effectively in both oral and written forms is a vital skill. Our English tuition is offered from primary to English extension as well as English as a second language (ESL).


There is a growing tendency for English tutors to assist in the younger years to establish a solid base of phonics, grammar, punctuation, spelling and sequencing ideas.


When entering high school, our tutors focus on interpretation of texts and assignment structuring in all forms of media (scientific, creative, news).

University & TAFE

The focus on university and TAFE tuition is toward academic or assignment writing. This will ensure students are able to successfully communicate ideas and concepts to achieve maximum impact and understanding.

Aptitude Testing, Entrance Exams & NAPLAN

These types of tests generally include grammar, spelling, word associations, comprehension and writing tasks. Our tutors can assist you to be prepared to achieve your best!

English As A Second Language

Mastering the English language is a challenging and at times harrowing task. As students develop their English skills it’s important to learn using the right methods whilst using techniques to suit the individual.

Why Develop Your English Skills?

With the development and integration of online communication and media, it’s important to ensure you continue to develop English skills to communicate effectively in every situation.

At Personal Tutors, our English Tuition will ensure students can effectively communicate at any level. Choose the tutor who is right for you. We have qualified TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) tutors and also specialist tutors in literature.


Science tuition is offered at all levels from primary to university and includes physics, biology and chemistry subjects.

General Science

Even without science tutoring, students are introduced to science at an early age through fun activities, learning about living things, the environment and space. There is no reason that this interest can’t be maintained throughout the higher years. With a one-on-one science tutor, students are able to both reignite this interest and develop a deeper understanding of concepts.


Biology is a broad subject that contains many topics. It looks at the growth, structure, function, origin and evolution of living organisms and life. Our science tutors can explore with you and help you to understand our genetic makeup, the life cycles we exist in and the plants and animals surrounding us.


Chemistry takes us even deeper to explore what makes up all matter. Our science tutoring can help you to understand the complexities of atoms and the interactions of molecules, leading to knowledge about industry and pharmaceuticals.


Physics takes a broader view and explores the processes that shape our universe. As it is a more mathematical subject, our science tutors can work through formulas with you while explaining concepts of energy, time and space.

GAMSAT & Medical Admission Tests

Are you wanting to sit GAMSAT but aren’t sure where to start? Maybe you have all the books but aren’t quite sure what to do with them. Don’t worry, our science tutors have significant experiencing in preparing students for the GAMSAT and other medical admission tests regardless of whether you have previous science experience or not!

Science Develops Problem Solving Skills

Science is vital to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills in order to equip you to logically approach tasks and have an opinion on the science discoveries and controversies in the world around us.

Grace Simpkins Personal Tutors match the best tutor to your learning requirements and create a supportive, healthy education environment. Our tutors work with a variety of students, those are looking to improve their marks as well as students with the a desire to perform above their current level.


Humanities tuition is targeted towards high school students. Subjects may include modern and ancient history, geography, study of religion and study of society.

Modern & Ancient History

History is more than just knowing dates or facts, and our tutors can show you why. History allows you to understand why our modern world is the way it is. By analysing and evaluating, it is possible to learn from events in history and provide a context for current attitudes, beliefs and behaviours. Our tutors can help you develop this understanding through processes of critical inquiry, debate and reflection, and by empathising with the views of others.


Geography is a fantastic basis for so many pathways, including defence forces, urban design, journalism, mining, meteorology, agriculture, anthropology, architecture and tourism, just to name a few. By utilising both an ecological (human interactions with environment) and spatial (where things are) approach, our tutors can assist you to understand the interdependent spheres in which we live and establish with you a solid foundation to make informed judgments to improve your community, state, country or the world!

Study of Religion

Study of Religion helps you to explore world religions and their importance in shaping today’s society. Extensive research is required and excellent assignment writing skills are a must, so we can help! Our tutors can also assist you to truly understand how the societal context we live in is challenged by global interactions in order to achieve the most from this diverse and interesting subject.

Study of Society

This subject is a great foundation for further study in the areas of sociology, anthropology, psychology, law and criminology. Our tutors can help you to explore the connections between motivation and behaviour and the corresponding theories, while developing excellent research skills.

Why use a tutor for humanities?

These subjects encourage students to move beyond the simple acquisition of facts to the development of ideas and concepts, so it is extremely useful to discuss new ideas and concepts in depth.

Humanities poses two main challenges, these being, understanding the content and forming your new knowledge into a logical argument. Whether it is one or both you would like to improve, we have tutors who can help you.


Tuition in business and technological studies is offered to high school and university students. Subjects may include statistics, economics, legal studies, data analysis, law and ethics, management and marketing, to name a few. For students wanting to pursue these subjects in university, a one-on-one private tutor may be vital to their success.

Individually Tailored Program

Each student is provided with an individually structured program by their personal tutor to support the current syllabus with the allowance for extension or additional development. This includes tutor assistance with current assignments and upcoming tests to ensure they are prepared throughout the year.

Tutors With Real World Experience

We have many specialist tutors, not only with experience tutoring business subjects at a university level, but also with real world know-how. The benefit of business tutoring is that the student is prepared for the real world, learning the core of subjects and concepts that can be applied in day to day business and personal life.


Tuition in languages is offered to primary students or beginner level through to senior school or advanced students. We offer tuition for French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and many more; just contact us for more information. Unlike most however, we offer one-on-one private language tuition, to ensure each students varied skill levels are catered for.

Studies have shown that students who learn another language before the age of 15, have a higher possibility of mastering that language to the extent a native speaker would communicate.

Learning another language can assist with individual discipline, especially as studying particular languages takes persistence and determination. And what better way to do so than with a one-on-one private tutor?

The Benefits Of Learning Another Language

  • Fluency in another language provides for excellent life experiences, such as school exchanges or travelling to learn other cultures and unique aspects of their way of life.
  • Enriching learners culturally, educationally and intellectually.
  • The ability to communicate across other cultures.
  • Contributes and enhances future local and international career prospects.

Our private tutors will cultivate your communication skills by developing your grammar, pronunciation and extending your vocabulary.

Specialist Testing

Aptitude Testing

Preparing for a general aptitude test is difficult when you don’t know where to start. Our tutors can perform an assessment of your skills in order to determine which areas need improvement. We’ve worked with students wanting to gain entrance into the police force, defence force and fire brigade, so are familiar with the format and requirements of testing.

Entrance Exams


Do you have all the books but aren’t sure what to do with them? Our tutors can assist. The GAMSAT test assumes significant scientific knowledge as well as English language skills. Our tutors have extensive experience preparing GAMSAT tutors from both scientific and non-scientific backgrounds, so we can help you.

  • UMAT

UMAT is a core skills test, it is not based on learned academic curriculum or study of particular subjects, but is a  test of response to stimulus that will not necessarily be familiar. Therefore, our tutors assist by familiarising you with the questioning style and helping you to develop tactics to approach the problems.

  • Selective Schools Entry/Scholarship Tests

These types of tests assess reading comprehension, writing, math and general ability. It is important to be familiar with time constraints and have a good core knowledge to build on. Whatever your level, our tutors can help you to be ready to perform your best!


The NAPLAN test is designed to assess students’ knowledge and skills in Literacy and Numeracy. It is a great method of determining which areas need improvement, but can be quite intimidating for an unprepared child. Our tutors can assist in revising and improving core skills both for the NAPLAN test and for future school work.

Not Here?

If you are after a specific subject that is not listed, we can most likely assist. Please just contact us to discuss!